• Automatic Crash Response
  • 24H Emergency Call Service
  • Stolen Vehicle Assistanc
  • Roadside



  • Wi-Fi

  • Smartphone App


Smartphone Function.
Remote Control for Your Car.



Destination Download.
Straight to the Point.


Vehicle Diagnostics.
No Surprises.



Stolen Vehicle Assistance.
Hot on the Thieves Heels.


Customers Tell Their Story.

    This Customer is Moved to Tears!

    March 3rd 2016: Eulalia Serrano is driving through Madrid in her Opel Zafira. At a
    crossrods, the road appears to be clear but all of
a sudden: An impact. A shock.
    And a calming voice
from out of nowhere.

   Frontal Crash! What Happens Next?

   October 9th 2015: Charlotte Tyson is on the way to one of her friends, when she
   gets  involved in a head-on collision with another
car. First, she has a panic attack.
   Then she has a guardian angel.
And now she's got a story to tell she will never

Read What The Media Has to Say About OnStar:

There are duty of care, convenience and organizational benefits all wrapped up in a proven package, and it's a development that genuinely moves the industry forward.


Opel OnStar, the new personal connectivity and service assistant has won the first ever "Award de l'innovation" presented by French automotive magazine "Auto Moto". The personal guardian angel won the "Technology" category, beating stiff competition from Audi to Volvo.



Opel OnStar Wins Spanish Award for Innovation in Road Safety: "OnStar is the perfect complement to optimium vehicle protection in real accidents.



OnStar Services.

 The Wi-Fi Hotspot  for the Whole Family.


Fast internet is part of our lives – so why not finally on board as well? You will be amazed how much more comfortable travelling with a powerful Wi-Fi Hotspot is.

Always connected1: with the Wi-Fi Hotspot your passengers surf the internet even on the road!

  • Conveniently go online while driving – with up to seven devices: smartphones, laptops and tablets
  • Enjoy a fast and stable high-speed internet connection during your journey
  • The extra-powerful OnStar roof antenna ensures the best possible connection to high-speed internet services at any time


1 For the kids, for the parents, for all your passengers.


For your Wi-Fi Hotspot you will get a free data trial period of 3 months or 3 GB (whatever comes first). After the trial, you can purchase Wi-Fi Hotspot data packages separately1. Click here for more information.


1 Wi-Fi will require OnStar to be activated. Wi-Fi data connection will not be supplied by OnStar. Mobile network operator terms and conditions will apply. Charges will apply after applicable free trial period. Coverage and availability vary by location and conditions.